With OTB-Kids, focus is placed on specialized exercises and activities that increase

brain development during the critical periods and early stages of growth. All with the aid of multi-sensory stimulation created by different environment and materials, we design activities for babies to explore and play with.

Exploration and discovery is our priority.

Our class activities include: sensory stimulation, exploration and learning activities,

explanation of developmental benefits, social interaction (child to child – child to

parent/caregiver), social learning within peer groups.

Our Education Programs – for aged 0 – 5

bulb_oWeekly extensive study on certain topic

bulb_p* Using “The Key of OTB-Kids” to teach infants sense of responsibility.

bulb_bCulturing sharing habit among toddlers through Share Time Activity.

Age : 9-12 / 13-17 / 18-23 months

Time : 60 mins

Content :

* Toddlers at this stage are extremely energetic and curious; they will be particularly excited about and interested in sensory exploration activities
* Training focus is placed on toddlers’ body growth, including balance, muscle control and finger dexterity
* Enhancing the sensory system, spatial sense, physical coordination, cognitive ability, language and emotion expression etc. through the use of different senses stimulating media and teaching tools


Age : 22 – 36 months

Time : 90 mins

Content :

* Toddlers at this stage love experiencing new things, so as the challenges they bring
* Toddlers are encouraged to try new things and take challenge along with the learning of norm through which their physical, cognitive and language ability can be developed
* Focus is placed on training toddlers’ mindfulness, independence, and social ability
* Toddlers are guided to have group activities independently, so as explorations reflections on what they have learnt.
* Toddlers are encouraged to express feelings in different ways to enhance their selfcontrol.
* Weekly extensive study on certain topic
* Classroom filled with different teaching materials and activity sections at toddlers’ disposal. To join, or not to join, that is their decision
* Using “The Key of OTB-Kids” to teach infants sense of responsibility.
* Culturing sharing habit among toddlers through Share Time Activity.
* Caregiver will observe the performance of toddlers and make periodic record for future references in designing teaching activities.


Age : 3-5

Time : 60 mins

Content :

* Enlightening teaching materials and different exploration activities are arranged for children to learn how to observe and be inspired by it.
* Weekly extensive study on certain topic and theme.
* Children are guided to have the STEM activities independently, and then have reflections on what they have learnt afterwards.
* Help children to develop basic science skills like observing what is happening; besides, their language development can be enhanced by using words to describe what they notice through STEM activities, besides, to provide brain-building experiences for children as well.


Aged : 2-3 / 3-5

Time : 60 mins

Content :

* Arousing children’s interest in music through joyful melodies and rhythms
* Inspiring children’s creativity with musical games and songs by OTB-Kids
* An incredible musical course with the following features :
– All songs composed by OTB Kids
– Creative musical games
– Self-composed music and CD
– Activity report
* Our main focuses:

1) Motor development: melody games, dancing and instruments usage
2) Creativity: body language, lyrics rewriting and instruments usage
3) Music: musical instruments, singing, rhythm, listening