Parents Sharing the Wonderful Learning Experience of their Children

“ Teacher Cindy acquaints with the psychology of kids. In the classroom, she plays an active role in giving a clear and subjective/ directive idea to promote the learning atmosphere for the kids.

Be full of patience, endurance and affection, Teacher Cindy is a caring person and gets along well with kids. Subject to the theme of each lesson, Cindy acts as a teacher, tutor, nurse, baby-sitter in the classroom. Hugo has been always longing for the lessons on every Tuesday and Thursday.

After joining OTB-Kids’s English lesson since its Opening in Tuen Mun Centre, we observed that Hugo is growing up gradually in some aspects, and great improvements such as speaking ability, logical thinking, organization of language, politeness etc has been observed.

We especially appreciate Hugo’s weekly Performance Record so as to let us have a clear picture on Hugo’s activities in class.

We can see a lot of efforts contributed by Teacher Cindy and her teaching team as well.”

By Hugo’s Grandparents


“Jasmin loves coming to OTB-Kids. The programmes are well designed. My daughter has learnt so much through a fun way. We want to thank the amazing teachers (Teacher Cindy, Miss Summer, Miss Chan) helping our children grow, learn and play!”

By Jasmin’s Mother