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Personal Data (Privacy) Policy and Statement 個人資料私隱條例及聲明:
Rest assured that any data collected will remain strictly confidential. Data collected will be used only for the purpose of informing you of any future OTB-KIDS programs and events. Please visit from time to time to obtain an up-to-date version of our Personal Data (Privacy) Policy & Statement.
OTB-KIDS將把所有收集的資料嚴格保密,所有資料只用作通知家長有關OTB-KIDS將來的課程或活動。閣下可隨時瀏覽本校網址 獲得我們最新版本的私隱條例及聲明。

Please check here if you would not like to receive any communications from OTB-KIDS. 如不希望接收任何OTB-KIDS的資訊,請選擇此項。